Wednesday, August 19, 2009

18th of August 2009

Woke up around 8.00 am and I am surely late for class. I took my bath and got dresses for class. My first class will be ‘Agama’ with Ustazah Noor Azlina. We started her class with ‘doa’ and then, she started teaching. Today, there will be two groups that have to present their presentations. First group was CSC’s group and the next will be MC. Unfortunatey, it was Alif’s group and they didn’t aware that their group supposed to present today. Ustazah got very mad and upset with his group. And she said, don’t blame her if their final marks are not good.

Then, we head to LL1 for BBM 111 with Madam Zuridah. Today we learnt about ‘Retorik’. There were so many types of ‘Retorik’ that we had to learn becaue this topic will come out in exam. We ended her class at 12.30 pm. Then, I went for my lunch with my friends at the Syahbandar’s dining hall. Afterwards, I went for my english class.

In the evening, I had my cocuriculum activity at the marching field. Afterwards, I went to the night market to buy foods for dinner. I went back to my room, had my dinner, took my bath and went to bed.

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