Monday, August 17, 2009

16th of August 2009

I went to Tanjung Bidara's beach today with my friends. We departed early about 7.00 am and reached there about 8.00 am ++. We did snap some pictures and played in the water, but only until our knee high because we didn’t bring any extra attire to swim in the sea. Then, we sat at the beach to enjoy the morning shine and the hotness of the sea. The weather was like so hot that made my skin oily. While my friends were sitting, I did some murals on the beach. I did draw a crab running and a scribble here and there. Then, I drew a big fish and a bubble like wanting to eat us. My friends were sitting together and I drew a big cloud so that it really makes the fish wanted to eat us.

Then, when the sun was like above us, we decided to go back to UiTM for rest. We head to McD at Dataran Pahlawan for breakfast. I am so hungry and luckily there were not much people around so, we didn’t have to queue up. I had Big Breakfast while others had McMuffin.

At night, the students from Komed (stands for Komunikasi dan Media ) had an Annual Grand Meeting for the new YDP and NYDP 09/10 for Komed. All of the MassComm students had to participate at the meeting. The theme was ‘Men in Black, Girls in Red’. I walked with Tini, Amy, Qiss and Fatin. We had to walked to Bendahara’s Hall for the meeting. I wore a knee high red dress with black tube, a skinny jeans and a cardigan because my dress was way too sexy. Tini and Qiss wore a beautiful red 'Kebaya'. Amy wore a simple and cute red dress with red skinnies.

When we walked inside the hall, there were so many people in different styles of clothes! There were girls wearing long dresses, short dresses with leggings, and some did wear simple t-shirts and jeans. The guys were so hot! They wore slacks with coats, vests and sunglasses. The bodyguards for Mr. Ralph were heart-melting. They were so smart and stylish.

Then, the time to announce the winner for YDP and NYDP of 90/10 was finally here. The most outstanding part was, they did a video similar like James Bond where the envelope containing the winner’s name was stolen. So, they reported to the James Bond also known as Jamal Bond. He was cute enough that everybody took pictures with him by the end of the night. The video was totally creative and I’m proud to be a MassCommers.

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