Thursday, August 13, 2009

13th of August 2009

Today, I would like to start my assignment on 'Experince on Writing' where I have to submit it on next Monday. I went to the library early in the morning to use the computer where at that time, there will be not much people using the computers. I always had the computers that are located way at the back, because, there it has a lot of privacy. There were not many people studying at the back of the library. All of them like to study in front where people can SEE them study. It shows that they are hardworking even if they are not.

Now, I'm in the library and still doing my assignments. I did have this writer's block once in a while, where I am out of idea and I just stood still, looked out of the window wondering if I can get any idea while doing that. I'm hungry and I just had a box of cold Milo since my own packet Milo has been out of stock starting yesterday. I really need to go to the supermarket bacause I need to buy many things -_-'

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