Wednesday, August 12, 2009

11th of August 2009

I woke up about 7.30 am and took my bath. Then, I had a cup of Milo and got dressed.

I had 'Agama' class for my first class with 'Ustazah Azlina' on CTU 101. We had presentation again and my group will be on next week and we still haven't prepare anything. While waiting for the presentation group to be over, I played games on Anna's phone. I played a car game and I'm very good in it. I got the best time and the best lap on all races!

Then, supposedly, we had BBM 111 class, but, our Madam was sick so the class had to be cancelled. So, I went back to my room and took my bath and a short nap while waiting for Ganu ( not the real name ) to finish his class. I would like him to accompany me to the Dobi outside to take my laundry. Since, all my friends were quite busy.

We went outside under the hot Sun to the laundry shop. We were sweating like pig! It was really uncomfortable for me and him. Then, after we had took the kaundry, we went back inside the UiTM and took a rest at the classes' stairs. Luckily, there was wind blowing from the lake. It was a relief after a long walk.

Then, he sent me to the nearest dining hall at my college and I put my laundry in my room. Afterwards, I went to my English class with Anna. About 2 hours, then, we went back to our room to change to our cocuriculum attire. I was very late and because of that, I had been in the wrong place but the right time. Supposedly, my Kesatris group would be at the parkin lot but, instead of ogoing there, I went to the marching field. I was totally unaware of the situation.

So, I asked one of the seniors and the conversation went like this,

Me : "Akak?"
Senior : "Apa akak-akak?!" ( with an angry voice and fierce lookin face )
Me : "Sorry, Komander. Kesatria W dekat mane?"
Senior : "Dekat parking lot. Asal? Salah tempat ker?"
Me : "Ha'a."
Senior : "Kenape tak dengar pengumuman hari tu?" ( her face was like asking me to step on her )
Me : "Memang tak berapa dengar sebab mic tak ok."

And then, she just left. I was like hanging over there. Then, she came back and asked me to go to the parking lot. I had to run to that place because I'm extremely LATE! I reached the place and we started the marching.

Then, we head off to the night market after the marching was over. I bought Katira water and went back to my college. I took my bath and we had level meeting that night. Thepoints wereabout slipers and small things. Then, all of us went to bed.

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