Saturday, August 22, 2009

22nd of August 2009

Yes! First day of fasting with family. We had our ‘sahur’ at around 4.30 am and we had rice with soups and fried chicken. With a glass of hot tea each. After that, I watched TV with my sister and my maid. As I wanted to close my eyes, Ganu texted me asking about ‘sahur’. I said it was ok. He said that he had to eat maggi for his ‘sahur’ and he really miss eating rice for ‘sahur’. Pity him.

Then, I decided to sleep at the couch because I was too sleepy to watch TV. I woke up about 8.45 because my dad wanted to bring me to a Celcom shop to buy a broadband for me to make me easier to surf the internet. We went to section 9 for buying the broadband. After that, I said thank you to my dad and we went back home.

Say hello to my new partner ; Mr. Broadband :)

I watched TV until it was time to break the fast. We ate rice with ‘Ayam Masak Lemak’ with orange juice. It was very delicious :)

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