Thursday, August 06, 2009

4th of August 2009

I woke up at 6.30 am and had my brekfast. I got dressed up and went for my 'Agama' class at 8.30 am. We had two presentations from my class. In this class, we had to join with CS class. Where CS means Computer Science.

Then, after the class had finished, most of us went to the Sunshine Cafe for a light breakfast. I bought three sets of nuggets. It cost me Rm3. Then, I did snapped some pictures while waiting one of my friend, Aimie, to pay her food.

Afterwards, I went to my BBM 111 class which was BM class with Madam Zuridah. She is a loving, joyful and funny lecture. We did learnt some new topics on what will come out in exams. I like the way she explained everything because she made the class happy and not boring. We always had something to laugh in her class and that was very interesting to be in her class. The class ended at 12.20 pm and I went back to my college with Anna.

I had some lunch and pray for my Zohor prayer. Then, I got dressed up again and went off to my English class. My English class was with Madam Lela. She was quite quiet and humble. She always gave us homewrok everyday. We ended the class at 4.30 and I rushed back to my college because at 5.15 pm, there will be cocuriculum at the marching field. I can't be late or else I will be ask to do some punishes. I'm in the group W with Tini, Chut and Hanis. We did some marching practices and took our attendence. My first name was on top of the list. The funnt thing was, the instructor said my name wrongly. He said, "Asiah binti Bakri?" And I responded like this, "EeeeeeiiiiiiI!!! Asilah lah!". I was talking with Tine when that happened. So, I turned my head to see who called my name like that, and suprisingly, it was the instuctor himself! I was so embaressed that the whole marching team immitated me with "Eeeeeiiiiii!!". After that, some of my teammates started to call me Asiah. Haiyaa!

Then there was another student said my name wrongly. He was ordered to pass out our forms and he called out my name like this, "Agilah?". And I was like, "What?! Say it again?". And he said, "Agilah". I said back, "Asilah lah!". Then he replied, "Sorry, I taught it was a G". Again, all of them laugh at me -_-'

After the cocuriculum was over, I head off to the nearest 'Pasar Malam' with my friends. I didn't remember what I bought. Nevermind.

At night, I followed Chut to her drama practice with her classmates. I sa beside her classmates neat the lake where the practice held. I say, their performance was actually good. Really good. They did a drama from The Necklace novel from Form 5 novel. Tini's pronounciation on her English was good. And also did Chut.

After the practices had over, me and some of Tini's classmates, when to Syahbandar's dining to celebrate Nia's birthday. She's officially 18! We ate ice-cream with bread. Old-school style :) And it was enjoyable. I was enjoyed by her birthday. After that, nighty night time *yawning*

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