Sunday, April 26, 2009

5 Trends Nowadays Teenagers

1. Scarfs & Skinny
If you guys want to spend your weekends around KL, especially around Bukit Bintang, you all must be distracted by the styles and make-over of this era of teenagers. What's for sure is wearing skinny jeans, checkered shirts, or maybe wearing headbands, wear leggings and not left out the scarfs being worn on the neck that's been saying as the in thing now. For me also,I can see everybody is totally into this.

2. Photography

One thing if all of you noticed, the trend where teenagers brought their SLR Digital camera everywhere and move in one big group are no longer different in these days. These are the teenagers who are creative! What ever they see, they will recorde or snap it as what they called as art. Moreover, amature teenagers tend to be part in this hobby eventhough it is an 'expensive' hobby.

3. T-shirt Printing

This is also one of the trend that teenagers like to wear. Once,the trend of wearing t-shirt with typography was only for those who loves indie band only. But now,this t-shirt printing is suitable fro everyone because it's simple and stylish.

4. Shuffle

Nowadays, Shuffle is also one of the trends. Yes,some people said that these dancers only dance to show-off and compete againts another groups. But at least you still have the chance to enjoy the events :)

5. Gigs

From talent to hobby,the HOT thing that is in now is Gigs. With competing using indie genre thus involve with mainstream music, this caught a lot of audience. The purpose is one : satisfied the fan's of music.

That's all for today :)

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