Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Indonesian day

Yesterday,woke up at about 9am eventhough it's quite late. Have breakfast alone with scramble eggs sandwhich. My maid was not that hungry. After having so-called-breakfast,we went for our groceries shopping at a not-so-nearby groceries shop. Before we went to the groceries shop,we stooped at the famous Nasi Lemak stall to have our breakfast. At the shop,we bought a lot of things ; chicken,fishes,veges,kuey teow and much more.

Reached home at about noon,watched tv and sent my sister to school. Afterwards reach home and watched my favourite afternoon indonesian's show which is 'Upik Abu dan Laura'. This show is quite suitable for teenagers nowadays. This show is very funny.

In the evening,went to nearby park for a while before picking up my sister. Then after picking her up,we all went back to the park and started gossiping with the maids who worked in houses near the park. Like everyday,they will talked in their on native language and of course,I couldn't understand a thing. But i tried to blend in.

Owh yes,my computer test will be held tomorrow :)


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