Sunday, April 19, 2009


My old time anime favourite. I used to watch it when I was a kid but now the story was no longer available on the tv. Because nowadays,there's more new anime to watch. Unfortunately,I don't have channel animax on my astro. Once I do have that channel,now no more. All of the anime in Animax were so cute and adorable. It is more interesting to watch when these anime like have superpowers and how they fight. like flying over here,jumping over there. It is amazing.

Some of my favourites animes are,

This is like everyone's old time favourite anime ; Card Captor Sakura. Where Sakura was the girl who have been choosen to catch all the cards from being evil and turn them to be good with the help of the charming boy Li Shouran. Owh that boy was soooo cute and he makes my heart melt :p

Next favourite,

This one is called Rave. This story is about a boy named Haru which has a magic sword. A really big magic sword. He travels all around the world to defeat the evil magic and gain all the powers to make the sword stronger. He teams up with a girl name Elie where he found her by accidently in a gambling place trying to find hes pet named Poyo.

Last but not least,

Hell Girl is what they used to called her. She is the one who was responsible for the dead. People who are angry with somebody and want them dead,they only have to put the name of that person's in the demon's web. By next morning,the person who put somebody's name will received a doll made out of dry hay. If they want that person dead,they just have to pull the red strings at the neck of that doll. Automatically that person will be executed.

So,that's all for my favourites anime until now. I wish I could find these cds.

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