Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pass my computer test

Today I am soooooo happy! Why? Because I've past my computer test with the score of 49/50!!! Good aite? I departed in the morning and started my test about 11am after waiting about 1 hour. I 've finished my test in about 30 mins i think. I'm not that sure. I was soo happy back then :)

I reached home with an anger because I've waited 1 hour an a half at the mamak stall before the person of Metro supposed to fetch me up after the test. See? How irresponsible they are? Haiyaa! The place was soo hot and when I decided to use the toilet. And what surprised me was,oh my,the toilet was in a bad condition. I mean theres no water,even a pipe! The flush was terribly damaged and it was soooo dirty. I have to find another toilet. Quick! It was a good news for me when I found there was a nearby clinic. If there was a clinic,then there will be a toilet. Yes! I was correct.

After waiting for sooo long,the man came with his little son at the back seat,pouting his mouth. And I wonder why. I was a little bit mad that made me quite all the way home. Reach home.have lunch because I was soooo hungry that I ate two plates full of fried chinese rice with nuggets and fries. Yum! Then watch the Indonesian's sinetron and sent my sister to school.

In the evening,again with the gossiping and hanging out with the maids and their own native language.


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