Friday, April 10, 2009


After 5 days not posting any entries,I decided to post one or maybe two today.

Today went for a jogg at nearby park. Then went to open a new bank account with my dad. Afterwards, went home for lucnh. I had rice,bayam soup and sambal belacan. Delicious. At the evening,my dad asked me to prepare myself to go to the nearest Metro Driving School for registration and my first class will be starting by next week.

Got home and found a letter from UiTM said that I've been invited for an interview on Masscomm tomorrow morning. Oh my! I had been browsing through their web but still couldn't find anything about the masscomm. So I had to browse the meaning through wikpedia. But still, I did found some information on the UiTM's web.

I'm quite tired today because of these things. Supposed today there will be BBQ at CP and I was invited but,I don't have the feelings to go there. Guess who wants to go went you are invited by a bunch of guys and not girls? I mean,I'm a girl and I would like if girls were the one who sent me the invitation. It will be an awkward situation if I went there all by myself. This BBQ was for my ex classmate,Nazirul, who will be going back to Perak on Monday. This was like a farewell party for him since he had moved to Perak after schools over. So,bye-bye to Nazirul and sorry for not attending your BBQ event,eventhough I have paid.


api said...

ey there.. can share ur mass comm interview experience with me?? i'm going 4 mass comm degree interview next week..
also the written test questions.. plz.. can lah.. malaysia boleh..
send to my mail ok:

Bakri's Daughter said...

mass communication slalunyer diorg mest tny pasal apa maksud mass comm tu. standby je larh. then mest ada ujian bertulis. mcm essay. jd bwk la kamus dwi-bahsa erk. 2 jer.