Monday, April 06, 2009

One sunny/rainy day

Yesterday morning went to LCCT to pick my maid up. She was from Bandung. We ate breakfast at LCCT's Marry Brown. It was a good breakfast :)Afterwards,we went to Alamanda,Putrajaya for a new sneakers for my college stuff. Then I bought myself Silkygirl nail polish remover and Elianto's nail colour in Twilight Zone and not missing out April's Seventeen.

After that we ate our lunch at MFM abbreviation for Manhattan Fish Market. The fish was so delicious and mouth-watering. Yum! We also ate chips,fried rice,some calamari and shrimps, and also mushrooms and oysters. We also got to see the flamming shrimps in front of our eyes where the waiter flamed the shrimps to make the gravy burnt because when the gravy burnt, it taste more better.

After having our wounderful lunch, we went back home. We reached home and prepare ourself to go to PWTC in KL for the Higher Education Fair. There was a lots of booth opened at the fair. Me and my parents browse to many kinds of colleges and universities to find which one was the best to suits me. We come up with KDU college,UCTI college universities,Nilai college and so much more.

It's really worth it to went there. My mum and I gain a lot of information on the courses that interest me such as mass comm and hotel & tourism management. So now just browsing trough their flyers and brochers to find the best.

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