Sunday, April 19, 2009

A dish on a chinese muslim's cuisine

Last Friday,my family and I went to a new restaurant called Mukmin which is a Chinese Muslim restaurant. We went there about 8pm to have our dinner and luckily the place was not yet crowded. We sat and waited for the waitress to take our orders. Usually this place would be flooded with people after 9pm.

And the waitress came. So we ordered our choices to overcome the hunger. I had Nasi Goreng Kampung where my maid had Nasi Goreng Cina. Same goes to my father. On the other hand,my brother had Nasi Goreng Ayam while my sister had Hot Plate Yee Mee and my mother had Kung Fu Yee Mee.

The dishes were delicious. All of us were satisfied with the food. They do served us with a lot of food in one plate. I was so full after eating my dish. But it was great.


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