Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Driving a Kancil

Happy 39th Birthday Kak Rosy!!
May God Bless you.


Today I went for my Trial L licence. Have to sit for a class about 3 hours. Then have lunch at the cafe with some friends. After that,waited for 30 mins and went inside the office for thumbprint. Then I went for the test drive exercise. This was not yet a test because I still doesn't have my L licence. So if we followed the rules,I should not drive a car. But the teacher said,it was alright because this is just a practice to make me familiar with the place and to know all the rules so that I could do it when it comes to the real exam.

It looked easy although most of them failed. So when it was my turned to drive,I had felt what others felt. The shacking of the car when we pull our leg fast from the clutch. The vrooming of the car when it hits the high speed. Man,driving a car can be scary. I agree with that. I was sweating at the back of my body while I was driving eventhough the aircond was at the coldest. I have to drive up a hill and stop at the top without going backwards. I also have to know how to park a car by parallel and how to make 3 pointers. And it was not easy I tell you. After 2 hours of driving,it was time to go home. I have had a wounderful time driving that Kancil of them.

For know I have to wait about a month for the licence to be finish processing.


My so-called-exhausted-face :)

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