Thursday, April 16, 2009

UiTM interview

I know this kinda late to post,but I still want to post it. So, here goes.

Last Saturday,I went to UiTM with my parents for the Masscomm interview. We departed before 8.00 in the morning. We reached there maybe 15 mins later. Waited at the front door of Fakulti Komunikasi dan Media. There's this lecturer told us that we have to attend a writing exam. All of us have to line up in two two rows ; girls and boys.

The test will be held on the third floor so all of us went up there. We have to wear formal attire such as Baju Kurung or Baju Kebaya for the girls and for the boys,they have to wear shirt,slack,tie and shoes. We were divided into two rooms. I was in the second room. I started my essay at 8.35 and ended at 9.05. The lecturer said that we can only have 30 mins to finished our essay. The essay was about our autobiography and we have to include why we choose this course. I was so nervous when writing this essay because the people who was sitting both next to me was writing the essay which was longer than. It scared me.

After I have finished my writing,I have to wait for my name to be called for the interview. While waiting,I do make friends eventhough I didn't asked their names. I have waited for almost 1/2 an hour and I'm starving that time. Luckily,my dad was at the stairs with some foods after I told my mum that I was hungry.

Then my name was called by this lecturer and went off to another room where there were about another 20 people there. I waited and waited until it was my turn. When the time come, I went into the interview room and saw two persons ; a man and a woman. They asked me a question starting, "Tell me what do you know about Mass Communication." I said,"In my own knowledge,Mass Communication is a term best to describe the academic studies for various means by which individuals and entities relay information through mass media to large segments of populations at the same time." Phew! That was scary. I was shaking that time. About 5 mins later,the sessions was over and I can go back home. Have lunch at the Faculti's canteen and went home.

All in all,that was my first interview and it was ok.

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