Monday, October 24, 2011

You came knocking in my dream

Hello pimples ;)

Dream dream go away,
Come again another day.

Some say, if you had a bad dream,
it is because you were to tired.
Or maybe you didn't wash your feet.

What if you had a wonderful dream?
Wouldn't that make you smile to our ears? :D

Owh yes, some say, if you had a dream of someone,
it means that the person is missing you.
Is it really true?

If it is, than it is true that the person do misses me :D
Haha. I'm loving this fact.

*You came into my dream the other night.
In a place near your home.
I came with my teacher which I had not known.
Going round and round to find your house.
We even nearly got stuck in Sawah.
Then we came across your house.
I nice warm lovely cottage-style house.
You came down the stairs.
You hug me tightly and kiss me on the forehead.
I swear I can feel your warmness.
We talked and hang.
And suddenly, I woke up.
With a big smile on my face :D


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