Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Colourful day

Today I feel so happy :D
See these 'cookoo' face?
Told ya I'm happy. Haha.
Couldn't find any reason for it.
It's just it.
Maybe because you were remembered of the small things you used to do.
Somehow those small things might be the one that you might not know.

For example,
I went to the Mamak stall just now with my maid and my sister.
We ordered some foods and drinks.
The conversation goes like this...

Maid : Eh, order lah nasi kari campur dengan ayam goreng tuh.
Me : Takpelah. Dah kenyang laaaah.
Maid : Makan lah. Kak rosy rindu tengok kau makan nasi banyak2 dengan kuar banjir ngan ayam goreng.
Me : Haha. Nanti k? :)

Somehow, those small things made my day.
Things that I might not realise until someone says about it.
I'm feeling colourful :D

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