Friday, October 21, 2011

Try it

Okay, I want to share something here.
Not related to any of my feelings.
I was browsing through my friend's blog and I found some interesting facts.

This title will be,
"How to know that your phone/ or you decided to buy a new phone is original?"

This is how the steps work.
If you go to any phone shop, you will browse the phone right?
Okay, while you're browsing ask the person in-charge to ON the phone.
Then, you key in *#06#
A serial number will come out known as IMEI ( International Mobile Equipment Identity )
You identified the number located at the 7th and 8th place.
For example : 358671017470473
The 7th and 8th place for this number will be 01

If the number is,
02 or 20 = from China = Low Quality.
08 or 80 = from Germany = So So
01 or 10 = from Finland = Good Quality
00 or 03 or 04 = Original Factory = Great Quality
13 = from Azerbaijan = Very Low Quality and DANGEROUS

So, why don't you try it.
Already done it? Good.
Thank God, mine is 03 = from Original Factory = Great Quality :D

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