Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lights blinking in i-City

Hello pimples ;)
Welcome to i-City.
First stop will be my story.

The little sister had beg me for almost one year to take her to i-City.
Alaaaaa, tempat yang penuh dengan lampu canti-cantik tuh.
Tipu laaahhhh kalau tak tahu. Haha.

So, with Abah follow along, we went there around 8pm.
Too many improvements since the last time I came.
They got the Ice Room/Snow House/ or whatever they called it.
Haha. Instead of located inside a building like before.
They put it outside and build a HUGE building just for the icy-icy things.

Other improvements is, instead of just a place full of lights only,
they put Pirateship, Buaian Terbang macam kat Genting tuh,
and some sort of Roller Coaster kind of like.
But not the dangerous one.
This one was just you sit and stare at the co
lourful light.

The thing move on a rail about 10 foot of the ground ( if I'm not mistaken laahh),
and goes around the i-City park.
The ala-ala Roller Coaster is about Rm5 per person and the thing can be seated with 2 person.
Owh, they also have Merry-Go-Round-Round. Haha.
For whatever it is, i-City has improve much and customers are flooding the area like hell.
By 9pm parking places are full. So, to avoid this,
by 8pm should be okay.

Okay, let's move on to the pictures :)

I am falling in love with the lights.

Me, my sister and Abah.

The additional of restaurant keep making the customers coming back for more.
Owh yaaa, they even have KFC.
So G.O.O.D ~good. Haha.

These are the games included.
The Buaian Terbang, Pirateship and The not-so-dangerous Roller Coaster.

They even got a hall/auditorium/or whatever they called it.
So, this might be the place where the Final Showdown aite?

The parking lot.
Well, that is. Feel free to come down to i-City :)

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