Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sushi Fest :)

Hello pimples ;)
Yesterday activity.
This is me trying on some new styles. Haha.

Mummy was craving for Sushi. SO we all went for sushi hunt at JJ Bukit Raja.
We bought the normal JJ sushi and not the typical Sushi King/Sushi Tei/Sakai Sushi.
Non mampu laaaah. Haha.

Before heading off for sushi, mummy went for some shopping.

Aku memang suka berangan nihhhhh XD

Mummy with her new Slippers :)

It's SUSHI time !

Okay, so everybody pick their choices.
What flavour.
Be it octopus/shrimp/fish/eel/egg/smoked eel/cucumber/sweet n sour fish and many more.
Too many choices to pick. Rambang mata nihhh -___-"

Nampak tak ke-rambangan-nya? Haha.
Okay, then we head on to the Food Court to satisfy our hunger.

Can you see the happy faces? :D
We're enjoying our sushi and the brother down here is eating a thing called Bento.
It consists of rice, smoked eel, egg and some veges. Yumm.

Zeee happy face :D


I am...izuan said...

tak mampulahhhhhh makan sushiiiiii......

Asilah B said...

haha. Alahhh kak bey, JJ je kowt :D