Thursday, October 27, 2011

I've been sued for posting too many pictures of foods

Hello pimples ;)
Okay, first of all.
For those who haven't eat breakfast yet.
I suggest you go and chew on something before you read this post.

WARNING : This post may contain to many pictures of FOODS.

I went to my auntie's house yesterday and this was our dinner of the day.
Enjoy :D

Can you see the Popcorn poping?
No? Too bad.

 Our first attempt of doing the Popcorn.

Ohooo, Durian yang sangat-sangat dah masak.

Our second attempt. And both, FAIL. Haha.

The dough for karipap.

The final dish. Menu : Chicken Black Pepper Baked. Hot dog and Tuna Pizza.

The Karipap.

Told yaaaa, this post contains a lot of foods.
Mengundang tak? Haha.

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Miss Eiza said...

huhu,terus lapar =='