Sunday, October 23, 2011

Segmen : Jom kenal kenal !

Hello pimples ;)
Here's another segment that I've decided to join.
Again, I don't know how to make the picture as a link.

Anyway, this is a segment from the lovely Miera.
So here goes.
My name Asilah B :)
From Shah Alam and already turning 20 y/o.
A proud student of Masscomm in Uitm Melaka.
Nice knowing :)


ceritera ouhhmiera said...

Thankss ^^

aTisH hasHim said...

salam perkenalan....

datang dr segment yang sama ,

singgah n follow (:

iMBobo said...

singgah sini, salam kenal dr iMBobo :)

CikHoneyBee said...

cikhoneybee dtg sini dr segmen yg sme. salam kenal ea..jmpt ke blog taw


Kancil 8349 said...

datang dari segmen sama....maaf lewat terjah sebab banyak kerja perlu dibuat...salam perkenalan daripada kancil...kalau sudi...datanglah singgah ke blog Kancil

PUTRY said...

dari segmen yg same . :)
slamat b'kenalan yeaa .
singgah laa blog .

nenEk SyAnie said...

nenek terlekat pade segmen yang same :)
selamat berkenalan dari nenek jugak :)