Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Segmen : I am...Blogger

Hello pimples ;)
Segmen dari Mr Izuan Knowles :D

Okay, this is his first time conducting a segment.
So, don't be harsh on him okay? :)

This segment isn't like any other segment where you introduce a little bit about yourself.
But, for this particular segment, you have to chat/say/story a little bit about his blog.
Nothing in particular.
Just a general welcome for him.

So, Kak Bey, here's from me.
Your blog is mainly red and black theme.
B'cz I know you like these colours.
You've got a lot of interesting post.
Like Karamsingh Walia, Panties, Bulu Ketiak, and
the most important must-have-post is BEYONCE !

Owh yes, he even provide link for any movies.
Just drop a comment about what movies you like.
And he will try his best to find and share the link of the movies to you guys.

Haha. I've known you well.
Well, maybe not that well. Haha.
So, for those out there, come and join this segment.
It will be closed at 28 oct 2011.
Come and support him.