Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh man..

Okay, you guys are really geting on my nerves right now. I've kept my mouth shut ever since, but why you guys have to bring it up every day? What's wrong with you guys? DO you really want WORLD WAR III to happened? OMG, so childish lahh. I've move on and live my life. Why can't you?

Jp2, suddenly korang kesah plak kn aku ada blog? Asl? Nak tau apa yang aku cakap kt cni? Selama ni aku try cakap depan2 takde sapa dengar kn? So, now tbe2 nk cakap mcm2. Nasib baik korang dah remove post yang korang tagged aku. Kalau tak, aku tak tahu lah.

Some say, I'm pissed off because you guys are plastic. But, if you guys can play that game, so do I. I too can be plastic. Again, I want to stressed out here is I dont have anything related to your position in the faculty. Susah sangat ke nk paham? I cakap, tak nak dengar, then gatal2 buat assumption sendiri. padahal, I dah cakap, I xde kna-mengena. Kenapa korang semua still nak bukak cerita lg? Nk satu kampus ta ke ha?

You said, If I'm in your shoes what would I feel, no need your shoes lah, I dah rasa pown BEFORE u guys rasa. So, tak payah nak bising sgt. Can't you guys see, you still have your friends while I don't. Isn't that what you want? Isn't this the game that you've been dying for? Isn't that already tortured me enough? You can spread all those f***ing rumours to the whole faculty. Then still blame it on me. Hello?! I'm not the one who open all the story to people okay. You are. When people asked, "Is it true that u did this this and that that?" and u will answered it proudly saying the things that you do while maybe some of it just to sedapkan cerita je. See?

Then bila people dah putar belit cerita, barulah you nak ungkit mcm2. Oh man, come on lah. The story is about to die but you still give it hope to live. You were the one who still make the story alive when you can just buried it in the ground. Maybe you will say, that this is not over. But when will you want it to over?? I've been struggling to move on and I will do until I'm okay. But why can't you guys?

You said I was the one who envy, yes I admit. But when we look at right now, It seems like you guys are the one who are envy for, I don't know what reason. Nak tagged post kat fb bagai, saja kn cari publisiti. Then bila poeple tny, ha mulalah bukak cerita lg. Oh man, you guys are good in playing this psycho game.

People will never pleased in this world. Yup, I know. I've been there. Unfortunately, you haven't.

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