Friday, April 01, 2011


Yesterday, I made myself busy by wrapping hampers for my Silat's bowling activity this coming Sunday. There were 6 of them and with the help of Cik Hanem, we managed to complete them. it was fun though, since we, especially I never have the experiencene to wrap a hamper. Luckily, the wrapper that we bought were sort of like a plastic bag, you can just put it in. unlike the old-schol type of wrapper, where you have to, literally, wrap it around your goodies.

Had lunch with Hanem and don't know what to do afterwards.

At night, Advertising Degree students from Uitm Shah Alam came here to present their Advert Talk for us. It was fun, knowing all the things that you might learn when you take Degree in Advert. The person incharge was bubbly and energetic! They made us feel fun and full of laughter. I'm considering on taking Advert but still not sure. Maybe I have to do more research to fulfill my desire. Haha.

I'm struggling again. Since people started to be nice with me all of sudden. Sorry, I cannot accept you guys that easily.

Owh, remember the lecturer on my last-last post? We're good now :) That's a good thing right. I know it's a good thing for me. I can't wait for this Diploma thing to be over.

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