Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My 20th Birthday.

Last weekend, my mum made me a surprise birthday party for my 20th birthday! I love you mummy :)

Instead for a normal big cakes with candles on top, my mum had this idea of baking 20 cupcakes which then lighted with candles and I have to blow all of the 20 cupcakes. Instead for only 20, my cousins made me blow again and again when the candles had been blown. Hehe. And I'm wondering what is my real age? :)

My mum baked me a blueberry and cheese cupcakes, and cake, pasta, baked chicken, salads and mu mum tried this new recipe called Nasi Afghan. it taste and smell like Nasi Briyani but its not. My mum like to try new recipe. Good for me :) Haha.

The party started in the evening around 5pm and end at night. Those invited were my family, cousins and neighbours.

It was such a lovely birthday party. Thanks mummy for making me happy :D

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