Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Damn YOU!

Back to the sitution I'm in on my last post. I already apologize to some of them, not all. Although I'm afraid but still I have to end this no matter what. I stood infront of the class, and I said it. the worst thing was, nobody listen and nobody cares. I stood and admit my fault. I even said that I'm the on ewho pick their names because I was envy with them. Still, no one cares. SO, I decided not to say anything no more. I tried apologizing, it didn't work. I confessed, still didn't work. So for me, the best way, it's just keep my mouth shut and try not nother anyone or even talked to anyone for the moment or maybe until the end of semester. i really don't give a damn right now.

Okay, I admit my fault but one thing I'm not sure is about my beloved bestfriend. She suddenly dumped me for no reason. Hello? For as far as I know, I didn't do anything that may upset you or made you get mad. No. So, why in the hell are you not talking to me? If its because that case, I didn't even mention your name or drag you into it! I just don't understand why you wouldn't talk to me?

I'm by your side when you needed me the most. When everybody is talking about you. I'm here when you ex-boyfriend cheated on you. I'm here when you don't know which one of you scandals you want tochoose. I'm here when you suddenly decided to free-hair when everyone said bad things about you. BUT, WHERE IN THE HELL ARE YOU WHEN I NEED YOU THE MOST??

If its because I'm in this situation that you decided to not be friends with me anymore, then FINE! Then, its true what others said about you! I'm not begging you to aske me what happened or what-so-ever. I just need you by my side when I need you. That's it. So, now I know your true colors.

So true what people said, "Its hard to find friends when you're sad, but when you're happy, suddenly you have a lot of friends."

Good Luck on finding your true friends right now cz I don't really give a damn to you right now. You have totally hurt me.

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matakehati said...

hai sayang :)
best tgk you semangat semula..
i love you babe :)
xoxo anis