Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Minggu Aspirasi Komunikasi Islam 2011

Also known as MAKSIS. It was held by part 5 students in class DMC5C, DMC5D and DMC5E.

It was a splendid event. For the first day on 22nd of Febuary, the opening ceremony was held at Dataran Landscape by the Project Manager and crew and they invited Imam Muda Ashraff to say a few things.

On the next day, they have Bicara Seni Filem Islam. Stating that what make a film Islamic? The code of the dress? The place? they invited Erma Fatima to give them the answer. By night, it was A Night in Palestine where they invited Jamaluddin Elias the survivor of Mavi Marmara boat. the one which was hijacked by the Israel, I think. Then we were entertained by Andy Flop Poppy, although none of his songs related to the event. Boo hoo.

Continuing on the last day was a fashion show regarding to Busana Muslim. For the closing ceremony, we had students peforming from the audition of Voice of Islam and they invited Mirwana. Mirwana was AWESOME!! Yang pasti abg IQRAM sgt hensem XD

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