Monday, March 07, 2011


Takziah to Shahrul Izwan bin Dona for his Beloved Father had left the world on this date. Me, Adie, Faten and Z went to Pagoh, Johor to visit him and his family. We reached there and the surrounding was full of sorrow and we can see his mother cried sadly that made us cried too. It was a sad moment for everyone. Al-fatihah.

After that, since we're in Johor, we decided to find Mee Bandung Johor. Adie drove using Z's GPS and we found...tarraaaaa...Fuad Bandung Corner!

The Mee Bandung was deliciousoooo :) Then I had my first KUPANG BERLADA. Honetsly, it taste good. Thanks you guys, fro bringing me there.

At night, otw back to campus, Faten and me decieede to got o Jonker since the frekking oil is still ayy lot, so we went there. Again, I've never been to Jonker at night and it was a wonderful moemory. The scenery at night was very nice and it made me feel with awwwww. How God's creation was a no doubt.

Me with the Delicious Mee Bandung :)

Adie lokman :)

Zaini :)

Faten :)

My first time, eating Kupang. SODAAPPPP :)

Licin tak licin lah kannnn,

Melaka :)

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prince_ahakz said...

LiKE..SeriOusLy....kiTErw mmG SuKE WaT kJEw yg unpLanned kAn....Pling BesT mkn ice-cream GorenG...sO asilAh...bLEw mAu bLAnja Saya aGy??