Monday, March 28, 2011

Smelly Monday

Good morning to all people yang kna bangun pagi-pagi isnin ni macam saya :D Haha.

First of all, have you brush your teeth? No.
Have you wash your face? No.
Have you taken your bath? Obviously No.

Then you are the winner for the stinkiest person for Monday Blues! Haha. Well, actually, that was me. Nvmn, we can share the present together-gether na. Wanna know the present? It's a bucket full of shampoo, conditioner, body shampoo, scrub, facial wash, toothpaste and tooth brush. Like it? Me too :D

Okay, it's been almost 10 days since my last post. Hopefullly through this 10 days, I'm better than before. Let's check how's my condition so far :

1. How am I today?
I'm goooooodddd except for being a little smelly. Haha.

2. How are your so-called bestfriend?
Ahhh, let's just say, I'm willing to talk to her when it comes to assignments.
No more pillow talk. Never again with you.

3. How are your classmates?
Hmmm. Let me see..
They 're not even worth it to settle things out and
they're not even worth it to talk. So, biar je.

4. How about the lecturer herself?
I think she's struggling like us.
Well, I did said sorry to her and she too.
Hopefully everythings going to be fine soon.

5. So, for the conclusion?
I'm good and trying to be better :D

Owh, wanna know one more thing?

I was supposed to have a consultation class with my groupmates regarding to Publication class at 10am in the morning. So, I wake up early just to find out that Miss had cancelled it and postponed to tomorrow. So much for my beauty sleep. Hahahaha.

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