Monday, March 07, 2011


On this day, me and my Broadcasting group decided to go for an interview for our group assignment. Alif was the one incharged of all and we ended up interviewing the person in Pavillion. Remember my last post saying that this was my birtday present from them? Well, it was actually when I accidently spilled out saying that I've never been to PAVILLION! Ohoooooo! I'm living in Shah Alam and I've never been to Pavillion. HAHAHA. Although I only get to be at the FOODCOURT only, but still it was a good present.

Okay, we interviewed someone from Radius One name for what I've known was only Ijat. I didn't managed to get his full name because I was too busy listening to what he said about his background, about how did his company grown, about his dramas on TV and all about him. I was so mesmerized about what he said. You can asked my groupmates how FASCINATING I am listening to him. We have this eye contact that my eyes didn't blink. HAHAHA.

Although it was not really a PLANNED outing, but at least we can start doing this assignment.

Yup, This is HIM :)
Owh, btw, sorry for the blurry pictures since it was an UNPLANNED interview session,
none of us bought any DSLR CAMERA!

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