Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Monday, my mum called after reading my blog about the situation I'm in. She called and asked whether I'm okay. I told her everything.

And she gave me a lot of advice which made me cry because for the first time, my mum understand me and I was so happy about it.

What I like baout her advice were :
  • I have to know how to heal myself first then try to heal others.
  • If I'm not in this situation now, I may be in this kind of situation later in the future.
  • I have to remember that I have to accept the cycle of life.
  • I can cry for quite sometimes but I have to remember that it will make me tired. So do I have to go through this?
  • Remember that this teaches me to be mature for the future.
  • And made me know what to do in case this happened again.
Thanks mummy for the advice. It really helps me to stand again on my own feet. I love you :')

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