Monday, March 07, 2011


Okay, another UNPLANNED gateaway for me, Adel, Faten and Z. We only decided to rent a car without knowing where to go.

We rent, and at first we head to the city. Fisrt of all, we went for a lunch at Klemak. Okay, the foods there were SUPERBB! and CHEAP :) Then, when we reached the city we park at MP and head to DP when we suddenly decided to watch a movie. We choosed The Adjustment Bureau and gladly it wasn't dissapointing. The movie was really out-of-the-box where the movie plays something like science-fiction genre related to God and Faith. You should watch it.

Then, we split for some while. I went to the Bundle, Adel went to the phone shops while Faten and Z could not be found. HAHA. I bought 2 shawls and 2 shirts.

Before returning home, Adel bough us, three, Starbucks cakes. Thanks ayy lot ADELA MEGAN WILLY :) Adel bought herself Green Tea Milk Latte. Oh no! It smells really bad, but it taste really GOOD! A good combination of trick.

On our way back, we started the car's engine and it wouldn't start. We started to PANIC! We try and try again and again, but it wouldn't raawrrr ( deruman engine, haha ). Then Z started to play the acceleator while starting the engine. At first it was okay, then it died again. Oh my, I called the owner of the car, and starting screaming yelling in a panic voice. Well, it was my first time, plus I'm a girl, obviuosly I will panic.

Then, after a while, the car was okay. Thank God. Alhamdulillah. We head to JUSCO since Adel wanted to buy some toiletries. We hang for a while and we head back to Campus.

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prince_ahakz said...

aND it WaS SgT2 MEriAh coZ kiterw KelUAr WithouT anY plAn.....
i Takkan luPA PEnGAlaMAn mAsa dlm liF tue...