Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Happy Birthday in-advance for me! ( Tini Colette, 2011 )

Okay, basically my birthday is tomorrow, but Tini decided to give me an early birthday cake since she was out just now. She called me saying this,

Tini : "Asilah, I nk buat surprise birthday party untuk u, tp xjadi since I nk tny u cake apa you nk. I kt secret recipe ni."

Saya : " Haha. U r funny. I nk Blueberry Cheese cake."

Tini : " Ala, xdelah Asilah." ( I was dissapointed at first, but nvmd. Since it was already great that someone willingly to buy you a birthday cake even for a slice. )

Asilah : " Then, u buy je lah pape."

I walked back to my room and Tini surprised me with a box from SR and guess what flavour inside? Its BLEUBERRY CHEESE CAKE!!! She lied! Hahahaha.

Anyway, thanks a BUNCH Kartini Colette. I love you so much!!

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