Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I've been SWEARING too much.

On this week, the Part 5 students are organizing many events in conjuction of Minggu Aspirasi Komunikasi Islam.

Yesterday was the launching of the events and there were Imam Muda Ashraff from the Imam Muda Show on Astro Oasis last year. I'm not really sure what he said on that day because I was too busy scanning people and swearing them after that with my friends. The swearing will be like this, "See, see, the girl, oh my, how thick eyeliner you have." Ok, this maybe seems normal. Okay, let's take another example, "Pergh, bajet nye ko. Poyo je lebih." This was amed to this one girl who basically annoyed me with her appearance and her attitude.

I'm sorry but you are thhiiisssss close to cross the line.

Sometimes I even swear on my very own classmates. Oh yeah, since last week I've been in a big fight with this softies. I couldn't stop saying bad things about him. I'm sorry but I just couldn't get along with you. It's like I have to show you a huge mirror in front of you, just to make you stop.

The main thing I want to say here, is that I think I have swear too much. Literally, too much. My swearing involve all the bad worst that are not include in the dictionary. You can guess it yourself since I'm not gonna write it here. I think you know better what teenagers like to say when they are pissed off. Be it the B-word or the F-word, or even any word from the A to Z.

I think I want to ty to control myself from swearing too much. Some people may say that what goes around comes around. yes, I know. I've been feeling that sometimes. Like, after I said bad things, I would encounter some bad hings. Like almost falling from the stairs, 3 times. Urgh. I think God wants to teach me a lesson for comitting crime on swearing.

Hey, nobody's perfect right?

Mummy, I think I like designing :) For now, I love my lessons on designing a bussiness card and a letter head for my imaginary company.

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