Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tini's 18 th birthday.

Last Sunday, me and my friend, Chut, celebrated Tini's birthday in our room. We asked her to come to our room after she had reached her college from home. After she had arrived, we wished her happy birthday and make her blow a BIG candle. It was Chut's idea of blowing that big candle. Then, i gave her a handmade card and two kit-kat chocolates. She was very happy and nearly cried. Before that she was very unhappy because her boyfriend didn't even celebrate her birthday. He only buys cheezy wedges from KFC for her. What kind of BF is that? So, this was what we did to cheer her up.

There were pictures where she was laughing because we said that her big-yellow-spongebob pants was really cute. She bought it with the sizes that was 2 times bigger than her size. She bought it because she just love the cute printed spongbob face. Owh Tini :)

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