Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Today, I woke up quite early even though my classes starts at 1030 am. I woke up early because i need to use the library's computer so that I can finish my assignments and my Level work. Owh yes! Did I tell you that I have been selected to be the Level Monitor ( Ketua Level ) ? No? Haha. I've been selected because I was hard-working and I manage to handle all the meetings in my level. We are the Dazzlelians :) So, there you go.

Now, I'm still in the library trying to finished my assignments and still can updates my blog. *wink wink*

I still haven't finish my assignments and I will continue it later about 215 pm because I have class untill 200 pm.


At night, my levelmats told me that the seniors were angry with all of us bcaus we still haven't clean u our hall. So, me and my friend, Lola, quickly reached for the nearest broom and mop so that the hall will be squicky clean.

See our tired faces? Not so tired eyh? We still can smile eventhough only two of us clean the hall. Sigh -__-'

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