Thursday, July 23, 2009


Today,I followed my maid to my neighbour's house for clean up. I asked Marissa weather I can download some songs from step up 2 the streets. She said yes. So, I waited and waited but the processing was forever. So, I told her that I will copy the songs tomorrow. Then we watched some of her school's cheer move and mine.

In the evening, my dad drop me off to a CC for me to finish my assignment which I must send by next Monday. Luckily I managed to finish it all and print it. I took about 2 hours to finish all of this. This assignments made me hungry while I was finishing it in CC. I had already eaten before I went to the CC but still, looking a the screen for 2 hours really does make me dizzy and hungry. Instead of buying something to eat, I decided to eat at home where the foods are delicious and I didn't have to use my money.

Afterwards, I hangout at the park where I used to with my maid and my sister. There was nothing much to do since the UiTM close for a week. I didn't go out much because I didn't know with who I would like to go with. Since all of them are quite busy with their stuff. So, toodles for now. See you guys next time :)

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