Wednesday, July 22, 2009


It's been 7 days now, I stayed at home because my UiTM was infected with H1N1. All of this because of one stupid rich student who went to oversea at the wrong time and stupidly spreaded the disease to 24 students! Hm. So,our campus manager had to close the UiTM for one week starting from 16.7.09.

At evening (16.7.09 ) there were some rumors saying that we can go back on weekends and some say we can't go back on weekends. For me,this thing doesn't reall matter. So, I decided to take a nap after my class was over. When suddenly,there were these loud noises such as screaming histerically outside the hall. I was thinking maybe there was a snake or someting. So,I opened my door slowly and carefully, when out of nowhere, my friend jumped infront of me and sreamed, "Hey! We can go back! UiTM closed for one week!" . I don't know whether to believed her or not. So,I went outside and heard somebody saying the same thing inside a van and he used a big speakers. Now I know that the news was true.

I quickly packed my bags and texted my parents about the news and my father decided to pick me up around 7.30 pm. I went home with my neighbour, Hafiz. All of my roommates were so happy about the news. By 7.30 pm, my father came and I was the one who went back early. All of them were jealous of me :) It was good to be back home.


Ths were the pic taken in class due to H1N1 problems. There were so many people coughing in the class and it was a nightmare. Some of them have fever. So,me and my firend, Anna, had to take some precaution such as wearing mask in class.

*The girl in yellow baju kurung is my ACR ( asst class rep ). Remember I told you guys about a girl from Assunta named Shila? Now,that's her. Ain't she lovely? *wink wink*

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