Sunday, July 12, 2009

Next week

By next week,all of us will be placed in a different class. Massscomm got 8 classes and I'm in class DMC1C. Starting this week,our classes and our subjects were choosen by our coordinator,Mr Ralph. But in semester 2,we have to choose it by our own. So for now,the subjects in my class are English,Sosiology,Agama,BM,Writing and CSC ( computer class ).

My class had 33 students, quite a lot. Do you guys know Aizat from AF5? You do? That's great! Because his younger brother is in my class and he is our CR! ( class rep ). Like Class Monitor. His name is Aliff. My ACR is Shila and she's from Assunta.

All of my lectures were ok and they are very helpful. The buildings for our classes were not easy to find because campus in Melaka is very big! I mean really big! So,I have to be ready 1/2 an hour before class start so that I'm not lost when I'm on the way to the class. But this week,we haven't started class yet. Now,is just ice-breaking and introduce ourselves. That's all.

Ok,just wait for another updates :)

P\S : I miss my family so much!!

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