Wednesday, July 08, 2009

MMS Week

It's been one month that I haven't updates anythings. So here goes.

Now,it's been two weeks in UiTM Melaka. And everything was ok. The first week in UiTM was like hell. We have to sleep around 2am and woke up again at 4am. For the first day,me and my roommates didn't sleep because we were to busy unpacking our things and we just stay up. My roommates consits of 4 people. There are : Aida, Chut and Amalina. They are very awesome and really talkative. We can talk and laugh untill 12 midnight.
The following days in MMS ( stands for Minggu Mesra Siswa ) were quite better than the first day eventhough we all still have to sleep at 2am. Again! All the food was ok. Day by day,the food was getting better and more delicious.

The best part was on Thursday,where there was an activity called 'Senam Seni Ala Malaysia'. This activity required all of us to do some aerobics but this time it was different. Why? Because the PM sisters used 'Tarian Zapin' for our aerobics :) and I really like it!

I made new friends along the way. For example,I have a friend from my secondary school,Aina, and she has a friend named Kartini whose mixed of French and Malay. She's very cute and love to make jokes. I really enjoy having her as a friend.

*The girl sitting nest to me on 2nd pic, that is Kartini Collete.
*The girl in yellow baju kurung,now that's Sophia.

Lastly,in MMS week,we had all this lecturing on safety,campus,sports,co-curiculum and much more. Our Campus Director,Dato Dr. Mizan bin Hj. Hitam,was quite entertaining. That's all for MMS week. Owh yes, Abg K.O was great! Hahahahahahahaha :)

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