Friday, April 04, 2014

100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo

23rd of March 2014 marked the last day, which is the 100th day for the Doraemon 100 Secret Gadgets at Viva Home, KL. This cute blue cartoon was once my favourite series of all time when I was a kid. Standing-by in front of the TV at 6.30 pm for the sake of seeing it, was what I was waiting for coming back from school.

When this event was organized by the Animation International (M) Sdn. Bhd., I was delighted to be one of the Media people to be invited to go to such event. As, I reach there, the setting up of the place seems very friendly and surely capture the attention of those many kids. But, maybe the location of Viva Home, is not that perfect for people to come. For, I feel that, there are other places better to the expo. I feel that the organizer have their own reason why do they choose this place. Nevertheless, it was awesome!

Accompanied by some local artists, the organizer, Mr Steve Chow, brought us through the tour while explaining each of the expo shown in it. Firstly, as we step in, would be the introduction of the Doraemon itself. Did you know, that the Doraemon was actually, originally yellow in colour? Yes, at that time, it was yellow and, let just label it as HE shall we. So, back to the story, he made a robotic version of him and made some of his pet rats to bit the robotic's ears to make if more realistic, but since the robotic is the similar version of himself, the rats accidentally bit his ears instead !

Due to the unexpected incident, his girlfriends left him. I think to myself, "Doraemon got girlfriend meh?". Being left made him cried and cried all day long and due to that, the tears and depression made him shed his yellow-coloured and thus, the blue colour is reveal ! basically, that is how Doraemon is shown.

What it meant by 100 Secret Gadgets was, they displayed 100 of Doraemon's gadgets like the door to anywhere (Pintu Sukahati), feelings potion, memory bread, and many more !

Going through the tour made me questioned what are the relevance of this expo, so I interviewed one of the organization's crew, she said that this expo has been all over the world and this is their first time in Malaysia, first were in Hong Kong and the main purpose of making this expo was to bring back the memories that people had while growing up with Doraemon. As well as a place for family and friends to go for an indoor weekend. It as a good idea though. I was excited a bit on the expo. Hehe.

The best part was the goodies given to us, a cute Doraemon lanyard and notebook. They also have more goodies sold. But sorry, the time already run out. They also sell, Doraemon's favourite food - Dorayaki. Am not really quite sure to like the dish or not, coz it is like a bit of pancake / "bahulu" with fillings of chocolate-red beans kind of taste. I'm not that favour of red beans. But owh well, a bit wouldn't hurt.

P/S: I've heard they may made another expo up north. So stay tune :D

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