Monday, April 28, 2014

Jom Jelajah Koperasi Pulau Pinang 2014 (Part 3)

Third place that we visited under the SKM was Koperasi Pasar Aneka Taman Selat Butterworth Berhad. Or as local people say Pasar Karat. Pasar Karat is like your normal pasar malam / uptown but with a little twist. They sell vintage items like old and rare radio or oil lamp or just some second-hand stuffs.

Here they call this place as Pasar Karat "Rope Walk". Why rope walk? Because the first Pasar Karat was once opened at a road known as Jalan Pintal Tali which translating to Twine rope street but it may sound hard to pronounced so they came out with the Rope Walk. My first thought was, the shops were guarded with rope. Haha. What an imagination.

The people incharge to guide us through the Pasar Karat "Rope Walk".

An old radio that is not for sale but for show purposes.

Piring hitam, I must say this is vintage.

Hello owner of the next stall. Haha.

Old iron. Used with burning charcoal.

Ahaaa ! I bet this is the one that made u overawed ! (tergamam)

More coming soon. Wait ahhh.

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