Monday, March 31, 2014

Putrajaya's 6th International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Last Saturday, I managed to went to the yearly event in Putrajaya which is the event that  people are waiting for. What event this is? It's the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta located in Presint 2, Putrajaya. The four-day event was surely not enough to feel the excitements of seeing the balloons float in the air.  I would prefer if it was a week-long, so that I can managed to ride the Tethered Hot Air Balloon.

Went there at a round noon, and people already crowding the area especially the balloons rides. Trust me, it was longer than the iphone's launching. With the purchase of RM20, you can ride it at an average of 5-7 minutes for 50-80 feet height.No wonder people Q as early as they can. Coz it is cheap !

With a total of 18 balloonist joining this fiesta, it will surely be a great view to be seen in the sky. But, unluckily, the day that I came only three balloons were released. A bit disappointed I must say, but couldn't blame them. It just the weather is not very allowing. Raining and strong wind, just make it difficult for the crew to even started to flame it.

While waiting, I managed to interview one of the balloonist from New Zealand, Andrew Parker, which represent UNICEF with the slogan 'Flying High For Kids'. This was his first time attending Putrajaya's event, but been flying the balloon for almost 14 years and counting. He managed to travel many countries in order to gain awareness on World Hunger program. He went to schools like in African, those places where education is somehow difficult to expand. So hoping that through this, the awareness can be achieved.

Then, I managed to have a small talk with another balloonist named, Peter Dutneall from Australia. He said that flying the balloon was actually easy, because I asked him, looking at the way crew trying to flame it up seems hard. In this event, the balloon are only allowable to flew at about 500 meter only as more than that, they might just bump into some of the planes from KLIA. But he said that the highest he had flew was about 3km high, well that is surely one hell of a ride !

The "Night Glow" was the cherry on top of this event every year, but this year due to unstable weather, only three balloons were light up, and others were only in their basket playing with the flames according to the rhythm-ish coloured lights. I was wishing to see all the 18 balloons line up in two lines. But, not my luck, maybe next year.

They are trying to flame up the largest balloon which is the Motorcycle from United Kingdom, 
but due to the rain, no Motorcycle balloon :'(

The crew 'happy' faces while working.

The Ice Cream balloon from Belgium.

Willy Balloon also from Belgium.

Yours truly, Malaysia mari :D

The funny moment where the crew lay down and roll to the end for the 
purposes of letting out the air in the balloon.

My crazy partner :P

The one who is overly exited on being a Media people.

The "Night Glow" without the balloon. *Sad*

The handsome Andrew. Atul's crush. Haha.

Hello, there Peter.

 Surely next year, I will be coming again, and will get my ticket early on the Tethered Hot Air Balloon, and the Breakfast & Balloon package. See you next year !

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