Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jeneris by Ahren Cafe, NU Sentral

A cup of hot mocha and a slice of cake on a Thursday night is just how I ended my day. Wondering around at KL central station right after work, and finding out that the new shopping mall named NU Sentral had just launched on 29th March. So I decided to go browse around the mall for something to ease my eyes or even fulfilling my hunger.

Basically the mall is still not fully open yet, got more of shop lots still in renovation I think. It have around 5 or 6 floor if I'm not mistaken. After going through all the floors (yes, I'm a bit of a walker.), I stop by at this one cafe which already catches my attention when I first walk pass through it. 

Let me introduce to you, Jeneris by Ahern cafe ! If you walk pass it, you might just think that it'll be expensive like Starbucks or Coffee Bean, but gladly I must say, it is quite affordable actually. With their Lunch Package for only RM14.90, you can have a meal with a drink. They have rice, don't worry. For sure, your lunch would be full.

Well, that did not stop there. The foods just keep on getting better ! They also have Sandwich Lunch Deal, consisting your choice of sandwich where you can choose the bread you want and drinks, obviously. But, I would love to come by on weekends, because they will be having Tea-Time deals - 2 drinks (coffee/tea/juices) with cakes or biscotti for only RM15. How cheap is that? You can have a chit-chat sesh with your girlfriends or event a simple date with your partner.

Just now, I just couldn't resist on trying on some of their cake. The one that I'm eating was Coconut Salted Caramel cake if I'm not mistaken. Too eager to eat that I did not bother to read the name. Hehe. With my usual Hot Mocha. 

As you step on the escalator, you can see this cafe. 
If you miss it, you might just be blind. *joking

The Coconut Salted Caramel cake. (RM11)
For those who like sweet cakes, 
besides than Foodsbury's Mille-Crepe cake, you can try this for a change. 
I promise you, this is not the typical sponge cake with cheap fillings. 
This is the real deal. The cake is very solid with flavour, 
little nutty textures and the cream cheese is heaveennn !

Now, do enjoy a bit of the deco :D

I just love the Big Red Contena they made as an office.

Meet Steve.
The friendly staff which was very chatty and don't mind talking about the foods 
and which one you should try. Good way of persuading people to come and eat. (Like me, haha !)
Say it with me like the monkey in Cloudy with a chance of meatballs.
"Steeve ! Steeve !" Haha

Okay, to all you readers, do come on weekends and indulge yourself with their specialties :)

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