Monday, April 28, 2014

Jom Jelajah Koperasi Pulau Pinang 2014 (Part 2)

Still in Homestay GDW Mengkuang Titi, Pulau Pinang, before departing to other Koperasi we were invited to check out on their in-house product such as - Madu Lebah Kelulut, Dodol, Maruku dan Bedak Sejuk.

A bit info of my foster family - Encik Mokhtar bin Zakaria and Puan Che Amah bt Saari. They have 5 children 2 boys and 3 girls. Three had already married and two still studying. They have been involve in this homestay program for quite sometime now.

Some of the funny moment that Puan Che Amah or mak as what I called her, there are some times when foreigners (mat salleh) came to their home for stay, they tried to dip in the bath tub, where as in our malay culture the bath tub is for the purpose of collecting water as in 'takung air'. But for them is like a pool. I wonder how can they dip in a tub so small? Hehe.

My foster family.

Now, let's head down for their in-house product. First up is the Lebah Madu Kelulut. According to the workers that was in-charge, the bees are stingless and ussually are active in around 11 in the morning. The taste of the honey depends on the flowers. If the flowers is sweet, then the honey will be sweet. In one trunk of a tree, they have 6 queens in it and about 15,000 bee workers. The collecting of the honey might take up in a week. And it might cost about RM120 for 1 KG.

This is for sure one in a life time opportunity ! Thank god the bees were stingless. Imagine if not. I'm dead.
As you can see, I'm slurrpiingg the honey from their nest and it was good. The taste is not too sweet.

Bedak sejuk or direct translation is Cold Talk. Haha. I bet u know what bedak sejuk is. If not, please google. New infi for me about this bedak was, it was made out of rice. Not the cooked one okay. The raw rice. I googlled both nasi and beras and it still came out rice. So nvmd. 

The process of making this bedak was they had to soaked the rice for a month but change the water daily. And after that they grind it until it is smooth. Letting it dry in droplets size for like a week before packing it for selling purposes. They way of using it is, take 3/4 bits of it and add in some water and put it on your face. and let it dry.


Last was their Maruku snack. Some people called it Jejari Ikan Bilis. The spicier the better. The Miljaya (Maruku) owned by both mother and daughter - Jamaliah bt Abu Hassan and Nur Amira bt Abd Aziz.

The signboard.

The machine  used to make the Maruku.

The final product.

More stories coming soon. Stay tuned.

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