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Jom Jelajah Koperasi Pulau Pinang 2014 (Part 4)

Next homestay - Koperasi Homestay Sg. Chenaam Nibong Tebal Berhad. The story for its name came from a story of a father and a son. One fine day, it was raining and the father being a fisherman could not go down to the sea. As when it is raining, it is not safe to go to the sea. But then his son is hungry and he said, "Ayah, che na'am." which means "Dad, I'm hungry."

Despite the raining, the father went down to the sea for the sake of his son. So that is how this villages get its name Sg Chenaam. Here, I have a roommate. A tour guide name Kak Salmiah. At this point, I think I have food poisoning thus, not much of info I can get but I'll try share on some stories on my stay here.

This is my foster family - Abd Halil b Ismail's family.

The activity that we did here was the launching of JOM JELAJAH KOPERASI PULAU PINANG 2014 By Datuk Nik Ali. And some local activities the next morning like - Pukul Bantal and Tangkap Itik dalam kolam.

The launching ceremony of Jom Jelajah Koperasi PP 2014.

The beautiful scenery of Kampung Sg Chenaam.

This is the game of Pukul Bantal which is when you hit your partner with a pillow while trying to maintain your balance on a tree trunk. It was surely a fun activity for the tourist who came to stay here.

Its the girls time to play. It was full of laughter seeing them trying to balance while hitting the opponent.

Catch the duck ! This activity is strictly for those who know how to swim. As the pond/swamp/river is a bit deep in the middle.

Congratulation on you, you Singaporean guy. Sorry, I forgot your name.

Next we head down to Koperasi Homestay Seri Aman Pulau Pinang Berhad. Which is on an island called Pulau Aman, but still considered as the mainland. Not the island. Homestay in Pulau Aman is the only homestay on an island. With the cpacity of 300 villagers in the island it will surely give you the experience away from the havoc of the big city. You have to take a boat at the Jetty Batu Musang.

They only have 1 school - 13 teacher and 28 students, 1 clinic with only 2 nurses, 1 mosque, 1 kindergarden, and 1 multipurpose hall. Their in-house product consists of belacan which is prawn paste, ikan masin or salted fish, traditional snacks and handcraft items made by the women in the village.

Besides than homestay, they also have budget hotel and chalet at an affordable price. The best part of going to Pulau Aman was taking the boat for an island tour for about one hour which cost about RM150 for 12 people. They even have bicycle for rental as the roads in Pulau Aman could not cater for cars. 

This is the place - for the boats of course.

The jetty itself. It was a nice view for me.

All aboard !

With the famous blogger Tatie from Kisah Tatie

We're here ! At Pulau Aman.

The traditional snack - Kuih Kapit

Belacan or shrimp paste.

The making of belacan.

The final product. RM 5 each.

The making of ikan masin.

The oldest Sukun tree. See how big is the tree trunk?

On our way back...

Dolphines ! I get to see dolphines ! There are two of them I think.
So cuteeeeeee. It was hard trying to catch a picture of it.

Last story coming up. You may grab a cup of tea.

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