Friday, April 11, 2014

My first 'Nyonya Colors', literally

Every time I pass by this cafe, I always wonder to myself that the food served would be expensive just by looking at the pricing on the kueh sell at the counter. Without really looking at the menu or even the package deal that they are having.

Today, after work, me and my crazy partner decided to have our "girlfriends" session since it is Friday and tomorrow is holiday, it was hard finding a good place to hang since at 6.30pm is where everyone is off from work and crowding every food place for dinner.

The only place that was not crowded and comfortable enough to hang was Nyonya Colors. Luckily, there was a spot. From a far, we can see that they have a set meal, as fast as lightning we reached for the table and ordered the meal. Both of us ordered the Chee Chuang Sew or Cheongsing Fun, I think. Man, why must the name be hard to pronounce and spell? Owh someone please correct me.

But, the taste was okay. It was basically Kuey Teow with sauce like Yong Tau Fu. 
Price with one cup of Ice Lemon Tea (RM10). Not bad.

Someone is just overly excited today. And I wonder why. Haha.

Today, I malu pandang kamera. LOL

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