Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cotton Craft by Twist, Seksyen 13

Ignore the big sign on top. Focus on below.

There's a new cafe in town ! Say hello to Cotton Craft by Twist at Persiaran Alami, Seskyen 13, Shah Alam. It had just launch last Saturday on 5th April 2014. And it is my time, to drop by and see what are they serving.

For some landmark, it is near The Sumbs cafe but on the other side. From the roundabout on Persiaran Alami, go straight and turn left. At the end of the road you'll find a "white and turquoise" paint wall, and you have reach your destination.

Since it is base in white colour, it was surely bright. But that doesn't stop me from entering. The way they organize the tables and counter - small, simple and just enough for a cute space. Its like how I would decorate my dream home. Simple. Less crowded.

As I step by the counter, my eyes instantly struck with the varieties of menu served and I became undecided on what to eat. The staffs were friendly enough on helping me and explaining on the specialties over there. Luckily, they have "Weekends' Special" and I was the first customer to try on Back Rib Linguine and my sister had the famous Chicken Roulade. Accompanied with some fruit juices.

Back Rib Linguine (RM29)
The meat just fell of the the bone and that is what makes it better.
The pasta is very delicious. Worth the price.

Chicken Roulade (RM17)
Chicken breast wrap on beef strip, mushrooms & chicken terrine, 
served with garlic crumbs cauliflower, potato Au gratin and BBQ sauce.
The crispy-ness of the coating makes it even more delicious.

Banoffie Pie (RM10)
What's a meal without a dessert?
A pie crust filled with caramel, banana and splat of whipped cream.

Told ya I'm a foodie :3

Partner of the day, me lovely sistahh.

Cotton Craft by Twist
2-1-1, Presint Alami,
Persiaran Akuatik, Seksyen 13, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor.

9.00AM TO 10.00PM
03-5510 8236

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