Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Third day of class

My first class for today started at 12.30pm, which is ECO101 by Sir Mohd Idham. He was funny and soft. Something I wouldn't expect from an ECO lecturer. ye lah, ECONOMY kn bosssaaannnnnn -____-"

But, suprisingly the way he explained really did open our eyes and made us fall in LOVE to study ECO. before he became a lecturer, he was a fashion designer in Milan, if I'm not mistaken. No wonder he was soft and look smart.

Then I had class with Miss Fatimah Yazmin. A very HOT and STYLE lecturer. She wore this nice baju kebaya and a VERY VERY HOT HEELS, owh and a shade. She taught us for ADV241 which is advertising. She did explained for this semester we had to do a radio advertisement including with JINGGLES and so on. HOW ON EARTH AM I GOING TO DO THIS??

Still have one more class later at 5.30pm.

Off to shower. Toodles.

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